My life used to be super interesting on Tumblr. What happened?

I found your facebook.


Milwaukee Natives Showing their True Colors 

Known as #EyeSeeYou have Released their “Spooky Shit” Video 

Spread The Word Fuckin Tumblr Nerds!!

My brother talked to me about moving to Texas with him if they had room. Good idea?

massivebear turned 4 today! 0

Another video booked for April!

You guys should see the final version 0
#working so I can buy feed my team. 1
I did another shoot today for my friend’s sister while she’s visiting Milwaukee. 4
We did a shoot until 2:30AM. It was top. 7

My friend and I have this production team called MSSVWORK and this is our first video we shot and directed under the name. Peep it out.

I shot and edited the video. We’re working on many more. It’d be nice if we started generating buzz just about everywhere possible.

Some of you guys have seen me post this guy before. This is my friend Vonny Del Fresco, and he makes really great music.

Myhiddenparadise modeled for me today and shot for a music video. 5
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