Shooting with Benny today. 12
self portrait with smoke, 2013 0
I do miss photo editing. 2

Wanted to post at least one photo from last night’s journey. Downtown at 5AM is so peaceful.
hay world it’s Wednesday night 3
Me again. My mum has had a pretty rough few weeks and I barely see her, so I went shopping today and she told me I should pick up the jacket. Getting older and being at her place less has made me realize, we both play bigger parts in each others lives than I thought. 4
Where are you in your life? Are you happy there? Do you want to change anything? How do you envision your future? Are you where you thought youd be when you graduated from high school?
  • I’m still young. Feeling old. I want to work and move out. I just want to start creating stuff in a space I can call my own.
  • I’m on my way to being happier. I can’t ask for anything more than what I have now. My mom is the best. My friends are the best. I love my job. &I’m mostly happy with my contend as of now.
  • I want to move somewhere where I can have my studio space and a bed, with someone to sleep with and talk to when we aren’t busy about art and cooking or music and zombies.

For the last question. I didn’t envision dropping out of school when I graduated, nor did I really plan on moving to Texas and back home. I didn’t think I’d have any sort of brand under my belt or friends as supportive as I have now, either. There are lots of things I didn’t see coming even weeks ago that are coming to light now, and to be honest, I love it. Sure, not everything is where I expected at 20, but shit happens. I’m just glad things are beginning to pick up.

My World on Flickr.and these. 1
Version 4 on Flickr.I want to do another one of these. 3
I got glasses 3
A view from the bed. 0
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