no more, 2013 1
money ain’t yours, 2013 0
The master plan, 2013 3
feel hot, 2013 14
Massive Bear on Flickr. 2
This is Doubles on Flickr. 6
Pretty Visitors on Flickr.
I’ve been tinkering around with this technique for a week or so now. I’m confident in it now, especially while working with the little resources I’ve had. I’ve recycled the same three pictures of flowers I’ve taken because there aren’t any here to really get, unfortunately. This is the last I’ll put up until I expand my catalogue of photos. As of now, I like how I’m progressing with it. 14
Two patterns/textures I made today, from scratch. Don’t even ask how I did it. I just did it. 3
A much more complex addition to earlier. The one before was only a piece of this thing. I’m going to take a very long time attempting to make refractions on this. It’s colorful for a reason.
I’ve made edits to it. Again. 3
Recycled, slightly. I decided I liked this original one better than the Stay Strong version. Slight editing. This is me messing around with the lighten tool, and getting super click-happy with the magic wand. The picture itself originally was very boring- and that was the point. I wanted a boring picture to make interesting, and the rocks are very appealing (not that they weren’t already) in a sense of have a new texture and shapes to them. 0
It’s a cold cold world, yo. 11


4 out of 5. Series I’m creating.

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