This is Doubles on Flickr. 6
Raven on Flickr. 14
Pretty Visitors on Flickr.
I’ve been tinkering around with this technique for a week or so now. I’m confident in it now, especially while working with the little resources I’ve had. I’ve recycled the same three pictures of flowers I’ve taken because there aren’t any here to really get, unfortunately. This is the last I’ll put up until I expand my catalogue of photos. As of now, I like how I’m progressing with it. 14
Kiara. 4
Samantha (Digital Double Exposure) on Flickr. 7
Me on Flickr. 4
Samantha (Digital Double Exposure) on Flickr.

Was super geeked to edit these. Had two beautiful models today (Samantha pictured) take some pictures for me to digitally double expose, and I’m pleased already. I’m definitely going to put more into some of these, and have many more. It’s seriously fun and refreshing to have these on the table. 24
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