Oh? on Flickr. 5
My first picture. on Flickr. 35
Pretty Visitors on Flickr.
I’ve been tinkering around with this technique for a week or so now. I’m confident in it now, especially while working with the little resources I’ve had. I’ve recycled the same three pictures of flowers I’ve taken because there aren’t any here to really get, unfortunately. This is the last I’ll put up until I expand my catalogue of photos. As of now, I like how I’m progressing with it. 14
November 28th, 2010. My first picture taken and uploaded to the interwebs. My pictures don’t look like this anymore. I’m definitely drawn to the more flatter looks, but this is still by far one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. 3
The Byodo-in Temple by Tasha Maríe on Flickr. 0
My first picture. on Flickr. 2
Cutting Our Teeth on Flickr.First picture ever. 4
Cutting Our Teeth on Flickr.One of my absolute favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. 7
I’m Right Here… on Flickr. 13
Paths on Flickr. 4
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